Elite Ink Fundraising Opportunities

For the past years, Elite Ink has been helping non-profit organizations raise significantly more revenue at their fundraising events.  Using our fundraising services non-profits have seen a revenue increase of up to 125% over their last year’s efforts!

How Can Elite Ink Help You Raise More at Your Fundraising Event This Year?

  • No upfront costs for any of our fundraising programs
  • Handpicked items (by you or us) geared towards your members interests and demographics
  • We exclusively represent some of the biggest names in Minnesota sports. These relationships gain us access to authentic, exclusive items found nowhere else


We have hosted auctions at fundraising events of all sizes, from the local golf outings to full scale black tie galas.  


    Our Auction Fundraising Programs

    Whether your event is hosting 50 people or 1,000, we have a variety of auction programs available for any type of corporation, organization or non-profit program.  We do not recycle the same items from event to event.  For each event we handpick items to ensure maximum bids and revenue earned.

    Self Serve

    Take matters into your own hands.  Taking into account demographics, event location and other dynamics we will help you choose the best items for your event.  We provide all necessary auction accessories like easels, jersey trees, bid sheets and more. 

    Using our Self Serve Auction Service you will be responsible for picking up the chosen items, set up, bid processing and returning unbid upon items.

    Points of Interest / Advantages

      • Best suited for events with up to 150 guests
      • Suggested number of items is 10-20
      • No upfront costs
      • Higher revenue share percentages

    Full Service

    Let us handle it for you.  Using your input on audience dynamics and our years of experience we will develop a list of items for your event best suited to raise the most revenue possible. 

    Our team of professionals will deliver, set-up, manage, process and breakdown the auction. 

    Points of Interest / Advantages

      • Best suited for events with more than 100 guests
      • Suggested number of items is 20+
      • No upfront costs
      • Professional representation - Let us run the auction, you focus on your event


    Put your best foot forward using our cutting edge auction software.  Elite Ink's on-line auction service allows organizations the ability to reach a much larger audience. 

    Points of Interest / Advantages

      • Best suited for organizations with a high number of social media followers and/or mailing list (Anyone can participate in the auction, you are not limited to just your membership)
      • Suggested number of items is 10+
      • No upfront costs
      • Reach a massive audience 
      • Industry leading software


    All of our fundraising auction programs can be tailored to fit your needs and are simple to run.  We are here to help!  Call us today.

    Weston Ogren


    * auction items and quantity provided are at complete Elite Ink's discretion.