School Fundraising Program FAQ's

Parents / Family Members / Friends

How does my school benefit from this fundraiser?
50% of all sales go directly back to your school.

Why would kids choose these 8x10 photos?
These are licensed images that can be purchased directly through PHOTOFILE; however, they need to order at full retail and pay for shipping which will be more expensive then we're offering, not to mention that 50% is going back to your school.

Do I need to collect the money and spend time on this fundraiser?
Nope, we handle the payment, order and we will deliver the photos to you set up by classroom with all the kids names on the orders for easy distribution by the homeroom teacher. We want to make this process as simple as possible for you.

What’s the quality of the product?
All of these photos meet strict quality assurance guidelines before they are given licensing permission to be printed. All photos are printed on high quality photo paper.

What if the item is damaged?
Let us know and we will replace it free of charge. Email Jen our public relations specialist for your area.

If items are missing who do I contact?
Jen Flynn our Public Relations specialist for your area.

When should we expect to distribute the pictures?
From the date that the fundraiser is closed, you will receive your photos within 15 business days.

Are the funds tax deductible?
50% of your purchase will be given as a donation to your school. Please check with your tax advisor as to how you report donations such as these on your tax return.



When will funds be available to our school and how are they distributed?
A check will be given to the school within 5 business days of the completion of this fundraiser.

How can you help us raise more for our school?
We have other wonderful opportunities for your school to raise money. We often work with schools to raise money for senior all night parties, specific departments and sports events. The possibilities are endless. Please have your specific needs and requests sent to Jen Flynn and she can help you with the right program for you.